Health Awareness Outreach

Can you donate ₦5,000 for Health Outreach in rural communities?

Statistics shows that millions of low-income Nigerians lack access to quality health care due to poverty. We as a humanitarian organization – PIA Obaseki Foundation in Nigeria know their plight, that was why we have joined hands to fight this trend  in the lives of these underprivileged people. Everyone deserves access to essential services. By donating to this cause, you are helping us to save lives and keep our society safe. No one deserves to die irrespective of your gender, tribe or your religion.

Health outreach is something everyone should get involved. Occasionally, we carry out health awareness programs through Radio, TV programs, rural communities, markets to sensitize people on hygiene, HIV and AIDs, the health implication of female genital mutilation to the affected child e.t.c, with the aim to keep people safe. 

During our hospital visitation, we discovered that the majority of patients in the hospitals have no hope of surviving due to lack of funds to pay a medical bill, buy prescription drugs recommended by doctors. We are not supposed to see them in pains and misery to their plight. We implore you to support this initiative by donating today to the PIA Obaseki Foundation. Please, share this initiative on your network to encourage people to take action.

100 % of your donations to PIA Obaseki Foundation will go to charity work. With your help, we can reach out to more communities to save lives. 


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