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Can you donate ₦15,200 To Support A Scholarship?


Give a scholarship to youth in higher education with PIA Obaseki Foundation. We want to send over 100+ less privileged children and youths to the higher institutions through our scholarship program. 

Each scholarship is over ₦325,000 for one child annually. Can you donate ₦15,200 for a child to support our scholarship program?

Scholarship Project Summary

The purpose of this campaign is to help raise funds for students for 2022/ 2023 academic year and provide scholarships for less privileged youth in Nigeria. Aspiring to be admitted into tertiary institutions in the primary pursuit of all bright students who have passed through secondary educational institutions here in Nigeria.

Decades ago, the government as a matter of policy, awarded scholarships to students to study in Nigeria, supervised their study in tertiary institutions and encouraged them to pursue an interest in various disciplines of study. Nowadays the reverse is the case, meaning that bright students who on account of lack financial support, will never be able to attend institutions of higher learning. These bright students are unable to achieve their dreams. There are many large business corporations generating millions of dollars but not many are interested in funding education for these poor aspiring students. Therein lies the need for philanthropic intervention of PIA Obaseki Foundation.


Most students in the tertiary institutions in this region of Nigeria experience severe hardship, not only on account of poverty but also due to the deplorable state of university infrastructure which is begging for rehabilitation. Many poor students spend years trying to save money for higher education but that money is used for other basic necessities. Sourcing of scholarship awards through funding is what PIA Obaseki Foundation is bent on realizing so that these bright students can make a better future for themselves and their communities.


PIA Obaseki Foundation intends to appeal for financial assistance to philanthropic organizations and people so that the future of these underprivileged students can be developed. We believe that no amount is too small and that a journey of a thousand miles begins with one step. We have identified potentially bright students whose higher education is at a standstill because of financial issues and we plan to use the donated funds for this purpose.

₦325,000 Naira will give scholarships to a child all through to higher education in Nigeria university annually.

100% of your donations to PIA Obaseki Foundation will go to charity work. 

With your help, we can give scholarships to less privileged youth. Will you help us today?

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